About Fredrick Insurance Brokers' Independent Brokerage

A Little About Fredrick Insurance Brokers

Delivering Health Insurance in a
More Personal Way

Fredrick Insurance Brokers is a family owned and operated firm run by Katherine Clark-Fredrick and her son, John Fredrick. They have 15 years combined experience in the financial services and insurance industry.

How We’re Different

Freedom of Multiple Carriers

We are independent brokers. This allows us to make the BEST recommendation for an individual instead of one size fits all plans. You win because our service is based on your circumstances.

Custom Plans Just for You

Another advantage of being independent brokers is having seen many different and unique situations. We can mix and match the exact health coverage that is perfect for you.

We Cover All the Details

We make sure to explain all options so that you can make educated decisions, and help you develop a coverage strategy that is just right for you and your loved ones.

Continued Service

As you personal brokers, we are here whenever you need us. Our service does NOT stop when we get you better health care. For us it’s only the beginning.

We want to educate and guide our clients to plans that actually benefit them for their given situation.

It is important for us to not be bias to just one plan or carrier. In order to truly have our clients best interests at heart, we need to be able to offer them what is best for their particular situation. Everyone’s situation is unique. These days even with a good paying job, the insurance world is vast, confusing, and can be an expensive mistake if someone tries to go at it themselves. That is why we are here. Whether you need group, individual, self-employed, small business, or teacher insurance coverage, you can count of us for a fair and honest quote.

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