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What Sets Us Apart?

Freedom of Multiple Carriers

We are independent brokers. This allows us to make the BEST recommendation for an individual instead of one size fits all plans. You win because our service is based on your circumstances.

Custom Plans for Your Needs

Another advantage of being independent brokers is having seen many different and unique situations. We can mix and match the exact health coverage that is perfect for you.

We Cover the Details

We make sure to explain all options so that you can make educated decisions, and help you develop a coverage strategy that is just right for you and your employees.

Continued Service

As your personal brokers, we are here for you whenever you need us. Our service does NOT stop when we get you better health care. That’s only the beginning.

Group Business Health Insurance Quote

Our Signature Plan

You owe it to your businesses bottom line to look at the programs Fredrick Insurance Brokers has to offer. Our Flagship plan is typically 40% less than the ACA (Affordable Care Act) plans with better coverage.
Recently we helped a company in Oklahoma City who is paying 100% of their 11 employees health insurance. They were paying $80K/year with a 6K deductible and they now pay $47K/year with no deductible. Sound good? Call for a consult and we can help you decide which plan works the best for your organization. We offer plans that feature the following benefits:
  • Level Funded
  • No Rate ups or Loads: This means you can get guarantee issue* at individual rates.
  • Risk Management Plan: Adds to your bottom line by saving $525/employee/year in payroll tax
  • Group Pool: Your company joins this pool and gets traditional Major Medical but 30/40% less
*minimum of 8 employees

A Personal Touch

Fredrick Insurance Brokers is a family owned and operated firm run by Katherine Clark-Fredrick and her son, John Fredrick.

We personally make sure every client and person is taken care of and treated like family. That’s just how we do business.

We take the time to educate and guide our clients to plans that actually benefit them for their given situation. This allows us to provide the best understanding and concern for you and every employee you have.


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