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Why Choose Us?

Freedom of Multiple Carriers

We are independent brokers. This allows us to make the BEST recommendation for an individual instead of one size fits all plans. You win because our service is based on your circumstances.

Freedom of Multiple Carriers

Another advantage of being independent brokers is having seen many different and unique situations. We can mix and match the exact health coverage that is perfect for you.

We Cover the Details

We make sure to explain all options so that you can make educated decisions, and help you develop a coverage strategy that is just right for you and your loved ones.

Continued Service

As your personal brokers, we are here for you whenever you need us. Our service does NOT stop when we get you better health care. That’s only the beginning.

Self-Employed Health Insurance Quote

Our Signature Plan

While we have access to many carriers and their different products and plans, we have our favorites because they serve our clients the best. You are the one that matters.  Nobody wants to pay for insurance; nobody really likes thinking about it, that’s why we have done the work for you. We only work with tried and true companies that have been around awhile and have a great reputation 
If you will take the time to be educated, we will empower you with tools and knowledge so you can get the best value for you and your family. Our flagship plan offers the following:
  • No deductible options
  • First Dollar Coverage
  • Teledoc 24/7 365 days access to a doctor at no additional charge. This is a great way to get common every day prescriptions called in for you after hours or on the weekend, but it will save you a trip to the doctor at any time.
  • Concierge Service Should you have the unfortunate event of ending up in the hospital, the service will negotiate your medical bills. Yes, everything in life is negotiable, but in this case you have experts to do it on your behalf at no additional charge.
  • 24/7 Coverage On/Off the job
  • 360 Coverage in case of a critical illness
  • PPO Network

An Example of Our Signature Plan

Health Plan Coverage Chart 2019
We can help people who have certain medical issues like osteoarthritis or they might be taking a medication like metformin. We do all this at reasonable prices that won’t break the bank.
Here are a couple sample quotes. While it is never cheap enough because we don’t like spending our money on insurance, this is so much better than what ACA is offering.
  • Family of 4 Age 45 years Non Smoker between $532 and $575/month
  • Family of 4 Age 35 years Non Smoker between 453 and $465/month
  • Male or Female Non Smoker 40 years $223/month

We also have custom insurance plans for individuals, groups, small businesses, and teachers that are designed to put you first; not the carrier.

Understanding the Numbers

What some people don’t realize is that they are paying to self-insure. What do we mean by that? Let’s say you are paying $367/month in premium but you have a
$3,500 deductible on a plan meaning you must spend that $3,500 before you get an 80/20 coverage with your current insurance coverage. Then you have a max out of pocket of, lets say $10,000 before you get 100% coverage.
Divide 3,500 by 12 months. That comes to $291.66. Add $291.66 and $367/monthly premium. Now you are really paying $658.67 for your coverage.
We can insure children on their own. 
If you have insurance supplied to you at work, but when you add your children and/or spouse, the prices goes way up.  We can cover your children while you and your spouse accept the insurance provided by your employer.
GAP Insurance
Do you have a huge deductible? Is this what your company provided you or did you just choose the high deductible so you could afford the insurance plan? We can help you with a very affordable GAP plan to cover that deductible.
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