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Teacher Health Insurance Quote

We LOVE and ADMIRE our teachers. It is so gratifying to put money back in their pocket! They work beyond the call of duty and it’s time someone did the same for them. Much of our experience has been with teachers in Texas, but we have learned that teachers in many states across the country are experiencing the same issues with attaining affordable health insurance.Every situation is different, but here are a few ways we can help teachers with their health insurance:
Insuring their spouse separately from the TRS plan

The Active Care 1HD jumps from $367 total cost for employee to $1,035 for employee and spouse. Often times, it is better to put the spouse on a different plan.

Insuring their kiddos separately from the TRS plan

The Active Care 1HD jumps from $367 total cost for the employee to $701 if it is just employee and children or $1,374 if it is employee and family. Our Flagship plan provides for first dollar coverage for their children, without the high deductible and saves them money on their premium.

Cover the Teachers deductible with a GAP Policy

In some situations, it is better for the Teacher to remain on the TRS plan because the school/district pays a good portion of the premium. However, the deductible is so high, that they end up paying to self-insure,so to speak. We can lay a GAP Policy over it for a nominal premium. This will leverage the TRS Active Care 1 HD or any plan and make it a 100% plan for hospital stays and greatly reduce your deductible.

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