Better healthcare comes with freedom, family, and choice.

“Fredrick Insurance guides your family and business to a place where access to quality healthcare is simple and affordable. That means cutting through bureaucracy, fine print, and hidden costs. We’re not selling policies. We’re ensuring happiness and health for our clients.”

– Katherine Clark, Owner & Broker

Katherine Clark

Katherine Clark

Owner, Independent Insurance Broker

John Fredrick

Owner, Independent Insurance Broker

Meet the Team

Fredrick Insurance is a family-owned business based right here in North Texas.

“My name is Katherine Clark, and I think I speak for my son when I say that our family is as good as what we give back to our neighbors. That is safety. That is health. That is peace of mind. I look forward to meeting you.”

– Katherine Clark & John Fredrick
Fredrick Insurance Brokers

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Why independence matters in healthcare.

Many people and business owners have suffered from health and financial issues because they trusted insurance agents who work for insurance companies, not people or businesses.

We’re independent brokers, and that’s kept our business focused on what matters: our clients. It’s also made us experts in a wide variety of insurance products, carriers, and the fine print that comes with every plan.