Is there an affordable alternative to Health Insurance?

There are many downsides to traditional health insurance, such as inflexible options and a one-size-fits-all approach regardless of your individual needs and circumstances.  You may not even be aware that there’s another option. Read on to learn more about the benefits of working with an independent insurance broker for private, individual health insurance in Texas. As an independent insurance broker in Denton, TX, we represent several carriers (insurance companies), but there is one that stands out. Below are some special features of this plan. It is important to note that this carrier is regulated by the Department of Insurance unlike other alternatives.

You choose your doctor – Your plan will pay the physician benefit regardless of the provider you choose.  As always, you do better if you choose an in-network provider. In-network providers are providers of healthcare facilities that are part of your health plan’s network of providers with which it has negotiated a discount.

24/7 Access to Teladoc – Your independent plan will guarantee you get 24/7 access to Teladoc, meaning you can get prescribed common medications without a visit to the doctor’s office, saving you time and money. Teladoc is the convenient and affordable option that allows you to talk to a U.S. board-certified physician by phone or video.

You can’t be dropped – You will not be kicked off your plan should you have a medical event. Many carriers cancel your insurance if you end up in trouble.

You are covered on and off the job. Most people think they are covered at work with their current health plan. Entrepreneurs who go from client to client think they are covered by their traditional policies. They are not.

Children can be insured on their own – This is super helpful for a variety of reasons. Children are usually healthy and only need coverage for minor things. Divorced situations where one parent has the responsibility of insuring the children. The cost of adding children to your employer sponsored plan can be cost prohibitive.

No deductible for outpatient services – Doctor visits, labs & diagnostics, outpatient surgery are all examples of outpatient services.  You get to use your plan right away, so it’s first dollar coverage. This is a tremendous value actually providing you with benefits right away.

Flat rate inpatient co-pay – In addition to no deductible, you can choose a plan with a flat-rate inpatient co-pay for hospital care. This is not required to be paid upfront like the deductibles you are used to. The co-pay amount goes at the end of your bill. We have all heard of the nightmare situations where someone needs a medical procedure that requires a hospital stay but doesn’t have the $5,000 or $6,000 deductible required to be paid up front.

Patient Advocacy – The plan partners with the Karis Group to negotiate medical bills.  Should you have a medical event that cost $2,500 or more, Karis Group will negotiate on your behalf.  They, of course, don’t make guarantee’s, but their average savings if 70% over the years.  Karis Group is out of Austin, TX and has been around since the 80’s so they are quite experienced and this is a FREE service to you.  This also means that your inpatient copay or deductible can be reduced or eliminated.

The real power of this plan is two-fold. It is a High End Defined Benefit coupled with a Consumer Owned PPO Network!  That’s a mouthful for sure.  Here is what it means to you.  A defined benefit plan means there is a defined benefit schedule. Medicare was the first defined benefit plan, but not a high end defined benefit.  It will pay the benefit regardless of the provider you choose, but like all plans, your money will go further if you remain in the network. Couple this with a Consumer Owned PPO network and you win!  Having a consumer owned PPO network equates to you receiving the wholesale price, NOT the insurance carrier. The contract terms are pre-negotiated between the network and the provider. Once you present your ID card, the provider files your insurance and receives their payment which is the contract rate.

Fredrick Insurance Brokers are independent insurance brokers in Denton Texas.  We can make the best recommendation for you by providing access to multiple carriers and plans.  We can mix and match the exact health coverage that is perfect for you or your family and make sure to explain all options so that you can make educated decisions. We are here for you when you need us.  Our service doesn’t stop when you get better healthcare. We provide you with tools to educate and keep you informed. If you would like to learn more click here